"Products That Make a Difference"

Prevention! No one knows how much money is lost every year in the poultry industry due to problems that may be preventable. H & S Corporation offers products that help prevent problems from occurring, problems such as dermatitis, excessive feed passage, pathogen control (litter), enhanced darkling beetle control, ammonia control, water related problems (mineral build-up and bacteria). Our products offer safe, positive solutions to increase the bottom line of any operation.

Ultra Litter Treatment®: ULT should be used between each flock, on a year around basis. ULT, through acidification (not an insecticide), offers pathogen control, ammonia control and when applied with Tempo WP-20, superior Darkling beetle control can be achieved and maintained. ULT can also be used during the grow-out period (without Tempo) for trouble areas along water and feed lines. ULT can be used in place of disinfectants to spray the walls, curtains and floor or litter. This procedure greatly reduces the possibility of disease in both chicken and turkey houses. Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers.

YS-50®: This all natural Yucca schidigera extract (FDA approved) can be added directly to the birds drinking water to help further reduce ammonia levels and also to help keep the gut clean. Works great in conjunction with ULT. Available in 1 gallon containers.

DIACTA-PACK®: Perhaps the most important product produced by H & S for getting chicks and poults off to a good start. DIACTA-PACK is a food grade, acetic acid based acidifier that helps to quickly establish a healthy micro flora. DIACTA-PACK should be given for the first seven days on a continual basis. HEAT STRESS: In certain parts of the Country, heat stress related mortality cost producers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. DIACTA-PACK given during heat stress periods greatly reduces related mortality in broilers, layers and turkeys. DIACTA-PACK accomplishes mortality reduction by helping to maintain the blood pH at a safe level. DIACTA-PACK also tightens the gut during times of excessive feed passage. DIACTA-PACK formula consist only of food grade chemicals. Available in 8 ounce packs shipped 20 packs or 40 packs per pail.

ULTRA-VIN94®: The first dry vinegar replacement introduced to the poultry industry and is the leading dry vinegar product used in the poultry industry. ULTRA-VIN94 should be used in conjunction with DIACTA-PACK after the first week and other times DIACTA-PACK is not given. ULTRA-VIN94 saves money over liquid vinegar, is easier to give, helps clean water lines and keeps the birds gut clean. ULTRA-VIN94 formula consist only of food grade chemicals. Available in 14 or 25 pound pails.

ULTRA-COP: A different but effective acidified copper product, ULTRA-COP ULTRA-COP offers a safe solution for gut problems resulting in excessive feed passage. ULTRA-COP formula does not include any harsh, inorganic acids. All ingredients except the NSF approved copper sulfate are food grade. ULTRA-COP does not build up on drinkers, in water lines, or foul medicators, in fact, this special formula actually helps keep water systems clean while quickly and inexpensively keeps birds droppings firm. ULTRA-COP can be used anytime during the grow-out cycle. It cost about half as much to treat with ULTRA-COP, which treats 2048 gallons of water, than with most other acidified copper products which treats only 1024. Available in 1 gallon containers.

KLEAR-FLO®: Maintaining a good level of water quality is very important, not only for producing a quality bird but also for maintaining drinkers, foggers and cool cell equipment. Small amounts of minerals such as total hardness (calcium & magnesium), iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide gas (sulphur), can cause drinker system to malfunction, allowing water flows to be restricted. Mineral content depends on how fast this problems shows up, but one thing is certain, sooner or later the water available through a nipple drinker system will be reduced and/or leak if the water is not properly treated to prevent mineral build-up. KLEAR-FLO is USDA approved for poultry and animal use and not only keeps drinkers working properly but will also keep fogger and cool cell pad systems working properly. Complete water treatment systems including injection pumps and filters are available for water sources that require more than just KLEAR-FLO. We recommend chlorine bleach be injected into the water system in conjunction with KLEAR-FLO. Chlorine bleach injection pumps are available through the H & S Corporation distributor network. KLEAR-FLO is a superior sequestering agent and is available in 1, 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon containers.

Our focus at H & S Corporation has always been Prevention when developing our products. We believe the best money that can be spent in poultry production is in Preventive products. If you have any questions regarding our products and their applications please give us a call at 1-800-264-0323. To Request more information about Prevention CLICK HERE!

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