USDA Authorized For Meat, Poultry and Egg Establishments

Available in 1 - 5 - 15 - 30 and 55 gallon containers

KLEAR-FLO® is used in hatcheries, broiler grow-out, breeder farms, turkey farms, swine operations, commercial egg operations, processing plants, ice machines and evaporative cooling systems to control mineral build up such as calcium, iron and manganese. KLEAR-FLO® also controls lead and copper leaching into the water system.
KLEAR-FLO® is approved for the entire potable water system.

BROILER AND BREEDER OPERATIONS: KLEAR-FLO® safely and economically controls mineral build up in today's automatic watering, evaporative cooling and fogger systems. KLEAR-FLO® reduces water waste and wet litter problems resulting from mineral build up on nipple drinkers and mal functioning fogger nozzles. Plus... KLEAR-FLO® will extend the life and performance of evaporative cooling pads.

KLEAR-FLO® eliminates costly mineral build up and deposit humidifiers, setters, trays, fans and nozzles in hatcheries and iron stains and calcium build up due to hot water wash downs on equipment. Calcium build up is controlled on ice machines, improving ice clarity and greatly reduces machine maintenance.
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