Accurate Temperature Readings

Take your pick....Infrared Temperature Guns, with or without laser beam sighting.

Both units come with a hard carrying case, belt holder and measures temperature ranges from 0º - 750ºF and have built in ºC/ºF conversion. Units have back lighting for night use. Use the Laser Beam Sighting to pin point areas of concern.

Just a few uses:

Poultry Farms: Check bedding temperature, check side walls for heat loss, Check electric motors or pump bearings for heat, etc.

Farm Equipment: Check bearing temperature on hay baling equipment, electric motors, generator / alternator bearings and all other equipment that may build up heat or cold.

Features: Hard carrying case, belt holder, dual temperature display, (displays current and maximum reads), digital read out, back light for low light situations, reads in 0.1 degree increments.

Proper temperature control is a must to produce quality birds.
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